Our BI/DW (Business Intelligence/Datawarehouse) CoE has been responsible for successful BI and DW project implementations for multiple clients across the world. The core group is involved in setting the project implementation guidelines and also keeping abreast with the latest trends in DW/BI tools, technologies and adoption of the same in projects. This group is also responsible for developing and implementing templates, frameworks, standards, reusable components to enable an efficient implementation and faster turnaround for time critical projects. The CoE ensures the best practices and lesson learnt from our many years of combined project implementation experiences published and used across all the projects.


Key activities of BI/DW CoE:

  • Development of frameworks, templates, standards for the BI project implementations
  • Continuous learning through case studies, proof of concepts, whitepapers, certifications, seminars, trainings
  • Partnerships
  • New product evaluations and project adoptions

Major Client Groupings:

Our DW/BI practice has considerable experience in understanding key client objectives and arriving at the road map, key success factors for the project. The solution offerings provided by us considers the client’s existing setup in arriving at the best implementation model, based on the following major client grouping:

  • Clients with no existing BI/DW setup
  • Clients with basic BI/DW setup
  • Clients with established BI/DW setup in place

We have an experienced team of consultants comprising experienced designers and implementation experts with considerable experience in the various industry standard tools and technologies. The team has also developed custom ETL and reporting solutions for clients. These custom implementations have provided clients the flexibility to configure and fine tune the ETL or the reporting process based on their specific needs.

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