Enterprise 2.0

Enterprise 2.0 uses tools and services employing Web 2.0 technologies: tagging, ratings, networking, RSS, and sharing in the context of the enterprise. Enterprise 2.0 tools and services take advantage of social software features such as social bookmarking and linking, tagging, rating, user commenting and discussion, open creation and editing policies, syndication via RSS feeds, and so on. These tools also incorporate sharing and networking to invite and encourage collaboration and contribution.

We can help you build simple, customizable web based applications based on Enterprise 2.0. Our usability team can provide Web 2.0 designs that are easy to use and pleasing to the eye – with a key focus on user centered design. Integrate with blogs, podcasts and Wiki’s enable tagging, and on line collaboration. We can build the solution from ground up or by mash up of proven products.


Our Enterprise 2.0 Service Offerings:

  • Consulting & Assessment
  • Portal Planning
  • Infrastructure Planning
  • Deployment & Training
  • Migration
  • Configuration and Customization
  • Branding Services
  • Enterprise Application integration
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