Infrastructure Audit

Infrastructure Audit Services offers a 360 degree overview of your IT infrastructure by looking at interdependencies of various infrastructure layers that include Network, Servers, Security, Database, Web Services, and Middleware etc.

Our audit services are designed such as to help organizations control of their IT environment while increasing availability, trimming down the risks, achieve greater business flexibility and increasing revenue.

Our teams of consultants know how to put together the industry and technology skills through proven methods, solution assets and accelerators that aid in achieving increased productivity and business dexterity. The unmatched monitoring service includes:

  • Providing 360 degree overview of complete IT infrastructure
  • Resource and Performance monitoring
  • Root cause analysis
  • Providing Current Capacity and future scalability planning
  • Managing complexity and optimize performance
  • Working toward Increased application performance and availability
  • Recommendations/suggestions for overcoming the identified bottlenecks

The team also conducts an end-to-end analysis of all the technology layers which includes

  • Platform Optimization
    • Optimizing Messaging, Middleware
    • Tuning rules engines
  • Performance Modeling
    • Workload modeling
    • Characterization and Queuing Network models
    • Capacity planning and benchmarking
  • Hardware Infrastructure Optimization
    • Infrastructure architecture review/validation
    • IT infrastructure consulting
  • Database Tuning and Modeling
    • DB portioning to improve performance
    • Operating system and network Optimization
    • DB planning and optimization of I/O
    • Tuning Memory allocation
  • Design Optimization
    • Shared Objects
    • Parallelization
    • Caching
  • Configuration support and Audit
    • Tuning configuration parameters
    • Load balancing
    • Planning file systems
  • Javaopensource
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