IT Staffing

Whether it is a partial outsourcing you are interested in, or a full-fledged project development you are aiming for, we are here to provide you with the best suitable resources to augment your staffing needs. Staff Augmentation services help businesses harness the power of a large organization with a wide range of talent with agility and low resource allocation.

At ClarusTec, we realize that employees are the key assets of any organization and success of an organization is dependent on the quality and caliber of its employees & contractors. We bring our ‘world’ of experience in bringing the best and the brightest to the fore. We offer all flavors of supplemental contract staffing through contract or contract-to-hire placement services.

With ClarusTec’s staff augmentation services, you can take advantage of our large pool of global and local technical talent who keep themselves mobile. In today’s ever changing competitive market, business needs are lack of sufficient quality resources available in a timely manner at market's most cost-effective rates. Relying entirely on an in-house recruitment team to find the skills you need can be a long drawn process unachievable at your speed of business. We are able to support your staff augmentation needs with a quick turnaround time, in a matter of 2-3 business days. We specialize in wide array of categories:

Staff Augmentation Staffing Expertise

We are capable of providing resources Onsite, Offsite and Offshore

The best cost effective proposition would be to deploy our proven “Multi-Shore Model” which draws resources from our across the country to your work location, ably backed & supported by our resources based offsite or offshore. There is a significant cost arbitrage for such an engagement model. The cost savings when using resource(s) from offsite/offshore is enormously considerable when compared to consultants based onsite.

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