We cater to service providers, content creators, content publishers, content aggregators, media companies, handset OEMs and application service providers. Our solutions span the various mobile operating systems including Symbian, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and iPhone.


We have a good understanding of the mobile industry challenges and has made significant investments to set up a dedicated handsets & devices practice. Some highlights of our practice are:

  • A self-owned device library to test applications and PoCs
  • Extensive working experiences in BREW, Symbian, Microsoft, Nokia, and Motorola devices
  • Experience across innovative applications - Mobile Forensics, Social Networking, Mobile Anti-virus, Mobile Search Engines, On-device Portals, etc

We offer both customer-centric solutions and operation-centric & employee-centric solutions. Under customer-centric solutions we offer Mobile Commerce, Mobile Social Networking, Mobile Advertising, Location/Context-based solutions, Gaming and Betting Applications, Enterprise Connectivity Solutions, Content Management Applications and WAP Applications.

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