We leverage our IT experience and expertise to help our clients realize their business strategies by keeping abreast of latest innovations and technologies through our focused Center of Excellence (CoEs), which are storehouses of knowledge, methodologies and best practices. These CoEs focus on processes, people, tools, domain knowledge.COEs specializes in cutting edge technologies such as Mobility, Enterprise 2.0, BI/DW and User Experience (UX). We deliver and implement innovative software solutions across the IT spectrum that has always helped our customers to accelerate their business operations and gain a competitive edge.

Our comprehensive Product Development Lifecycle Services, Application Development & Maintenance Services and Consulting Services. Services are offered in multiple technologies across a spectrum of domains. We have platform expertise in Microsoft (spearheaded by the Microsoft Competency Group), Open Source (spearheaded by the Open Source Competency Group) and Legacy technologies.


Our mature processes and flexible models built around years of experience and proven expertise in Product development for ISV’s and application maintenance services for enterprise companies. Using our proprietary process methodologies such as NDDM (Nous Direct Delivery Methodology), NEAT (Nous Enterprise Architecture Team), BEST and CARE (Custom Application Review for Enterprise), and Agile development methodologies, we achieve great delivery efficiency.

Our methodologies are time-tested and evolved models complete with the right teams, right technical skill-sets, domain strengths and management that help deliver projects and products on time, on budget and as per your specification. Our domain experts ensure that they first understand the business challenges and define the goals, then identify and execute the appropriate technology solution to overcome those challenges both onsite and offshore. We actively seek and apply best possible solutions and methodologies for enterprises today, making sure to holistically factor in people, processes, cost & quality implications and business issues.

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